DRG files in the Wenatchee 1 by 2 quadrangle

Note: 15 years after the patent on LZW compression expired, we are converting our uncompressed tif files to internally compressed tif files. This obviates the need to zip them to save face.
Click on the map or text for most 1:24K (7.5-minute) quads. Click on the text for other quads.
Note: 15 years after the patent on LZW compression expired, we are converting our uncompressed tif files to internally compressed tif files. This obviates the need to zip them to save space. Losslessly-compressed quad files run about 3 megabytes, while the "f" files are larger and the "z" files are huge.
The old zip files also contained tfw files, which you are unlikely to need. If you want them, they are preserved here.

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USGS name# quadsDNR#namefile size
c47120a1128-(12 quad)6695904
f47120a132-WENATCHEE (SE quarter)7954643
f47120e132-CHELAN (NE quarter)10181356
f47121a132-SNOQUALMIE PASS (SW quarter)10279604
f47121e132-SKYKOMISH RIVER (NW quarter)9929363
z4712064-(Mosaicked 24K quads)179887799
z4712164-(Mosaicked 24K quads)206292727
o47121h81925 Lake Roesiger2318494
o47121h71926 Lake Chaplain2169485
o47121h61927 Wallace Lake2633387
o47121h51928 Mount Stickney3429557
o47121h41929 Monte Cristo3464755
o47121h31930 Blanca Lake3474605
o47121h21931 Benchmark Mountain2695309
o47121h11932 Poe Mountain2827511
o47120h81933 Mount David3345565
o47120h71934 Schaefer Lake3318769
o47120h61935 Chikamin Creek2332845
o47120h51936 Silver Falls2550146
o47120h41937 Brief2753257
o47120h31938 Stormy Mountain2905048
o47120h21939 Manson3369215
o47120h11940 Cooper Ridge2863164
o47121g811025 Monroe2711131
o47121g711026 Sultan2790974
o47121g611027 Gold Bar2787667
o47121g511028 Index3862827
o47121g411029 Baring3623272
o47121g311030 Evergreen Mountain3029303
o47121g211031 Captain Point2464094
o47121g111032 Labyrinth Mountain2986113
o47120g811033 Mount Howard2802001
o47120g711034 Lake Wenatchee2888935
o47120g611035 Plain2451699
o47120g511036 Sugarloaf Peak2623819
o47120g411037 Tyee Mountain3115498
o47120g311038 Baldy Mountain3054133
o47120g211039 Winesap3316143
o47120g111040 Chelan3378875
o47121f811125 Carnation2488759
o47121f711126 Lake Joy2962722
o47121f611127 Devils Slide3064215
o47121f511128 Mount Phelps3755298
o47121f411129 Grotto3219073
o47121f311130 Skykomish2932687
o47121f211131 Scenic3295437
o47121f111132 Stevens Pass3092139
o47120f811133 Chiwaukum Mountains3387658
o47120f711134 Big Jim Mountain2892281
o47120f611135 Winton3115615
o47120f511136 Van Creek3068881
o47120f411137 Chumstick Mountain3265589
o47120f311138 Ardenvoir3279759
o47120f211139 Entiat3129943
o47120f111140 Waterville1842047
o47121e811225 Fall City2788321
o47121e711226 Snoqualmie2637587
o47121e611227 Mount Si2946589
o47121e511228 Lake Philippa3082393
o47121e411229 Snoqualmie Lake3455679
o47121e311230 Big Snow Mountain3834237
o47121e211231 Mount Daniel3353986
o47121e111232 The Cradle3096899
o47120e811233 Jack Ridge2990467
o47120e711234 Cashmere Mountain3390337
o47120e611235 Leavenworth3285885
o47120e511236 Peshastin3386818
o47120e411237 Cashmere3275358
o47120e311238 Rocky Reach Dam3403553
o47120e211239 Orondo2175953
o47120e111240 Douglas2553517
o47121d811325 Hobart3389303
o47121d711326 North Bend3097905
o47121d611327 Chester Morse Lake3415205
o47121d511328 Bandera3624271
o47121d411329 Snoqualmie Pass4024941
o47121d311330 Chikamin Peak4263643
o47121d211331 Polallie Ridge3529851
o47121d111332 Davis Peak3564884
o47120d811333 Mount Stuart3547069
o47120d711334 Enchantment Lakes3595142
o47120d611335 Blewett3693259
o47120d511336 Tiptop3331769
o47120d411337 Monitor3359297
o47120d311338 Wenatchee4048303
o47120d211339 Rock Island2713561
o47120d111340 Malaga NE2842745
o47121c811425 Cumberland3083831
o47121c711426 Eagle Gorge3348467
o47121c611427 Cougar Mountain3371503
o47121c511428 Findley Lake3134997
o47121c411429 Lost Lake3596589
o47121c311430 Stampede Pass3325311
o47121c211431 Kachess Lake3852922
o47121c111432 Cle Elum Lake3298287
o47120c811433 Teanaway Butte2737854
o47120c711434 Red Top Mountain2783713
o47120c611435 Liberty3103348
o47120c511436 Swauk Pass2938132
o47120c411437 Mission Peak2910158
o47120c311438 Wenatchee Heights2722597
o47120c211439 Malaga2414283
o47120c111440 Rock Island Dam3201287
o47121b811525 Enumclaw2571501
o47121b711526 Cyclone Creek3049415
o47121b611527 Greenwater3528641
o47121b511528 Nagrom3631883
o47121b411529 Lester3392273
o47121b311530 Blowout Mountain3414421
o47121b211531 Easton3420525
o47121b111532 Ronald2879443
o47120b811533 Cle Elum2341093
o47120b711534 Teanaway2203311
o47120b611535 Swauk Prairie2739493
o47120b511536 Reecer Canyon2477975
o47120b411537 Naneum Canyon2465657
o47120b311538 Colockum Pass2227740
o47120b211539 Stray Gulch2538498
o47120b111540 West Bar2647729
o47121a811625 Old Baldy Mountain3075509
o47121a711626 Bearhead Mountain3618409
o47121a611627 Clear West Peak3475448
o47121a511628 Sun Top3548298
o47121a411629 Noble Knob3274383
o47121a311630 Raven Roost2987877
o47121a211631 Mount Clifty3296185
o47121a111632 Quartz Mountain3452332
o47120a811633 Frost Mountain2335319
o47120a711634 Taneum Canyon2954173
o47120a611635 Thorp1853601
o47120a511636 Ellensburg North1669055
o47120a411637 Colockum Pass SW1675535
o47120a311638 Colockum Pass SE1970366
o47120a211639 Whiskey Dick Mountain1964030
o47120a111640 Cape Horn SE2439417
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