DRG files in the Copalis 1 by 2 quadrangle

Click on the map or text for most 1:24K (7.5-minute) quads. Click on the text for other quads.
Note: 15 years after the patent on LZW compression expired, we are converting our uncompressed tif files to internally compressed tif files. This obviates the need to zip them to save space. Losslessly-compressed quad files run about 3 megabytes, while the "f" files are larger and the "z" files are huge.
The old zip files also contained tfw files, which you are unlikely to need. If you want them, they are preserved here.

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USGS name# quadsDNR#namefile size
c46124a135-(Copalis and Cape Disappointment)4717978
f47124a110-COPALIS BEACH (SE quarter)7820910
f47124e118-FORKS (NE quarter)8312030
z4712428-(Mosaicked 24K quads)70963833
o47124h61903La Push3225855
o47124h51904Quillayute Prairie1825387
o47124h31906Reade Hill1988031
o47124h21907Indian Pass2721165
o47124h11908Hunger Mountain2939757
o47124g511004Toleak Point3254545
o47124g411005Hoh Head2745575
o47124g311006Anderson Creek1467021
o47124g211007Winfield Creek2198455
o47124g111008Spruce Mountain2706762
o47124f411105Destruction Island3147304
o47124f311106Kalaloch Ridge1749909
o47124f211107Christmas Creek2351209
o47124f111108Stequaleho Creek2646814
o47124e211207Salmon River West1540533
o47124e111208Salmon River East1883050
o47124d311306Tunnel Island2912069
o47124d211307O'Took Prairie2014051
o47124d111308Thimble Mountain1719683
o47124c211407Shale Slough2045939
o47124c111408Macafee Hill1256076
o47124a211607Copalis Beach3782940
o47124a111608Copalis Crossing2905549
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