DRG files in Cape Flattery

Click on the map or text for most 1:24K (7.5-minute) quads. Click on the text for other quads.
Note: 15 years after the patent on LZW compression expired, we are converting our uncompressed tif files to internally compressed tif files. This obviates the need to.tif them to save space. Losslessly-compressed quad files run about 3 megabytes, while the "f" files are larger and the "z" files are huge.
The old.tif files also contained tfw files, which you are unlikely to need. If you want them, they are preserved here.

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USGS name# quadsDNR#namefile size
c48124a1128-(12 quad)4674164
The original SE DRG file had been rubber-sheeted to bad tics, but in 2018 Harvey created:
f48124a1_fixed.tif32-CAPE FLATTERY (SE quarter)123071580
by converting and georeferencing:
WA_CapeFlattery_240343_1986_100000_geo.pdf 32-pdf version43482641
from the USGS
o48124d61503Cape Flattery16094818
o48124d51504Waadah Island13487760
o48124c61603Makah Bay14013622
o48124c51604Neah Bay4317582
o48124c41605Sekiu River3411646
o48124c31606Clallam Bay3571726
o48124c21607Slip Point2974224
o48124b71702Bodelteh Islands3249606
o48124b51704Umbrella Creek3884257
o48124b41705Hoko Falls4229048
o48124b31706Ellis Mountain3913738
o48124b21707West of Pysht3477994
o48124a61803Allens Bay3092215
o48124a51804Dickey Lake3832491
o48124a41805Gunderson Mountain3994266
o48124a31806Lake Pleasant3964374
o48124a21807Deadmans Hill3591192
o48124a11808Snider Peak4534427
clipped version of these images

f48124a1_Bad.tif WA_CapeFlattery_240343_1986_100000_geo.pdf